Government vs. Markets

John Young jya at
Thu Oct 6 17:41:44 PDT 1994

Responding to msg by jamesd at (James A. Donald) on 
Thu, 6 Oct  3:50 PM

>Socialists have always preached somewhat differently 
>than they act.

But preaching is all socialists do, to their favor.  I'm no 
socialist (failed the exam) but I like them a lot for their 
earnest preaching, it just makes me feel aligned with other 
people who are also too confused to act.  But then I like 
preaching of all sorts, this list in particular, because it's 
so much more pleasant than having to do something wrong to 
somebody in the name of a cause demented beyond human 

Action movies and spy novels make sense, okay, maybe 
science-fiction too, but real action usually hurts innocent 
people and the nuts-for-it scare me like the Devil and they 
should be gently turned away to find peace for their throbbing 
glands, way back there.

Thank Mother God for preachers of all faiths, 
mindless-entertainment, universities-of-useless-wisdom, junk 
food,  and computers to keep we rabble lazily disorganized, out 
of harm's way and harmless to all.


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