data havens (again)

Douglas R. Floyd dfloyd at
Thu Oct 6 17:41:21 PDT 1994

On Oct 6,  6:09am, Anonymous wrote:

[Sacrificed to the Great God Bandwidth whose presence we kowtow to.]

> PS:  Doug, use cb.  Your code smells like a ten year old dead
> turkey with its looks.  At least its relatively bug-free, and
> does the job well.  Another thing, should you use SHA instead
> of MD5 for hashing?  SHA has more bits, and there is a less
> chance for two files to collide.

My code smells like that?  I didn't think C code smelled...

2^128 and 2^150+ are big numbers.  I doubt that any collisions
will occur.

Another thing...  I do like Eric's idea for an entropy checker.  Is there
any code like this laying around on some ftp site?  Keep poor VK from
worrying about his account...

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