Giving Your card number to IBM

Craig McKie cmckie at
Thu Oct 6 17:08:23 PDT 1994

 Ottawa Citizen, October 6, 1994, D12. IBM hopes Internet link lets it
 smash Windows by Mel Duvall, Southam Star Network

 ..IBM, whose OS/2 operating system software has been losing the
battle against Microsoft's Windows, will release a new version of OS/2
in the next week that includes one-step access to the Internet...By
clicking on an Internet icon, users will launch a program that
automatically calls an IBMInternet Hub. The System will then register
the user and ask for a credit card number, which will be billed on a
monthly basis...Gates..recently announced plans to develop a similar
Internet access system for Windows.
 IBM =  No mosaic, no rates posted, no POP access points established(?),
 credit cards in the clear ...what on earth do these people think 
 they are doing. I would be tempted to run these lads off the block.

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