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Jim Miller jim at
Thu Oct 6 15:25:58 PDT 1994

Jim McCoy writes:
> Jim Miller writes:
> > 

> > Crypto-Magic: The Gathering
> [making an online version of the game using crypto tools...]
> > 


> Don't worry, someone is already working on it...  :)

I'd be very impressed if you guys pulled this off.  Not to imply I think  
it can't be done, just that it would be a pretty complex system and  
success would be impressive.

Can you describe a little of how you're handling the cards?  How do you  
keep players from forging cards?  How does a player transfer ownership of  
a card to another player?  What's your mechanism for preventing  
"double-trading"?  Are card trades anonymous, or fully identified?  How do  
you keep somebody from drawing an individual card from their deck more  
than once?  How do you prevent somebody from stacking their deck, without  
revealing the contents of the deck?  Does the software evaluate the  
effects of the cards (encapsulating the rules of the game),  or does the  
software just provide the tools for handling digital trading cards?

Cool stuff.

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