Government vs. Markets

Mark Chen chen at
Thu Oct 6 14:05:43 PDT 1994

Todd writes:
> If anybody who'll be going to the C'punks NYC meeting wants some fresh
> Habanero peppers (aka "Scotch Bonnets"), let me know:  we've harvested
> over 80 of them so far, with no end in sight.  I'd be glad to give 'em
> away to people who can toler, uh, properly appreciate them.  My roommates
> and I have a competition to see how many each of us can eat whole, raw,
> before they run out (for those unfamiliar with the kind, they're the
> hottest kind of pepper in the world, many claim: up to 350,000
> Scovilles).

There's a pub here in the Bay Area that serves habanero burgers every
Thursday.  When you order one, they make you sign a release (and
they're serious about it).  I had a bite of one of the things once.
Dissolved my kidney stones and made my nose bleed.  I had to turn to
my friend and ask if my lips were still on my face.

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