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> Dave's sig and nom de guerre is taking a beating in today's NYT 
> where there is a story about the US military carefully planning 
> to avoid casualties in warfare.

I find it appalling that the military was prevented from doing what was 
right, ie., defending civilians from tyrants, murderers, and despots.
I fault the politicians for their lack of guts, pride and integrity for 
the delay, allowing atrocities right in front our warriors with their 
hands tied behind their back.  If they were going to commit military 
force, stand back and let them do their job right.  We have allowed 
political cowardice to emasculate our military might.  Personally I found 
myself as a Vietnam Veteran embarrassed when a group of attaches 
(hooligans) turned away a US gunboat.
> It also reports that the brave white collars in think tanks 
> think it's a terrible prospect because then no one will believe 
> that the US is tough, and tough minds know that "casualites are 
> inevitable".
> And how will healthy young men and women be taught guts, honor, 
> victory, and so on by periodically turning a bunch of them and 
> their foes into salsa and crispy critters for evening news 
> adulation.

Damn the media and their libertarian, bleeding heart views, if you know 
to do right and fail to do so, evil will grow.  I cannot defend going 
there in the first place, but once sent they were commmited to do right.  
I have a problem with the US being a world policeman, and I also feel 
that the NSA, NRO, FBI, CIA do not have the right to treat every man jack 
of us as criminals by invading our privacy by means of key forfeiture in 
order to catch kiddie pornographers, pedophiles, drug lords, and other 
criminals.  If we all had our guns, encouraged famaily values, developed 
neighborhood block watches, these criminals would have no where to hide 
and the LEA would have no excuse to trample on our rights of privacy.

> But Dave can still show his humorous sig in a VA abattoir of 
> mangled ex-warriors if he really wants to enjoy the sad 
> communion of misled youngsters.

John, I do not fault the misled younsters, but the politicians that use 
the media polls to make US foreign policy, and national security.

BTW John, Harvey means "called to war" or "warrior", all of my male 
progeny were soldiers, policemen, preachers and mercenaries, I can do no 
less than encourage real men to stand tall, be proud, do right, and not 
be cowered by tyrants, foreign or domestic.

Obviously, you keyed on my tagline, but did not address the rights of the
individual of privacy and self protection, and not turning over to big
brother lock, stock and key.  Even animals have the right of self defence
to further self preservation even including deadly force, where does big
brother get off by taking away our guns, treating us as criminals with the
cliche, you have nothing to fear or hide if you have not done anything
wrong.  This presumes I have done wrong already, the LEA are just trying
to treat law abiding citizens as criminals, not to preserve or protect,
but to get evidence by any means without a warrant, sounds like the
British are here again. 

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