What does DD know?

H Keith Henson hkhenson at shell.portal.com
Thu Oct 6 12:36:38 PDT 1994

Duncan Frissell writes: 
 > Don't be upset with DD.  She hasn't killed anybody.  If we're right about
 > our analysis of the new balance of power between the individual and the
 > state, her views don't matter.  If we're wrong, her views *still* don't matter.

Good analysis.  However, DD (and a mess of other folks) have been fed
some story from the very top.  During the clipper non-debate there
were several people, including (?) Denning who said to those not in the 
know "if you knew what I do, you would understand why we must have
This generates two possibilities.  One, that the lot of them were
fed a line of BS.  And two, that there really *is* something to the
official line.  I have met DD and her husband maybe twice.  Knowing 
the way married couples usually work, I rather imagine that he is
in on the story as well (though it is possible he is not.)  So, we
have two rather bright (an understatement!) people who where taken
in by a BS story??  Not very likely!  So, what the hell *were* all
these folks told about the need for Clipper?  These stories never
stay completely hidden forever.  Thus I expect we will find out--
eventually.  Is it something the readers of cyperpunks would agree
is so badly needed that we must have "key forfiture?  DD certainly
has the ability to empathize with the way we feel.  I think putting
this question to DD would be profitable:  If the cyperpunks list
were to know what you know, would *they* support GAK?
Keith Henson (who would post more often except for being up to his 
ears working on the old Xanadu code.) 

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