No Guts, No Glory

John Young jya at
Thu Oct 6 11:58:40 PDT 1994

Responding to msg by warrior at ("David M. Harvey I") 
on Thu, 6 Oct 12:3  PM

|No Guts, No Glory, No Honor, No Victory, Pillage, Plunder, and 
Take Heads!|  

Dave's sig and nom de guerre is taking a beating in today's NYT 
where there is a story about the US military carefully planning 
to avoid casualties in warfare.

It also reports that the brave white collars in think tanks 
think it's a terrible prospect because then no one will believe 
that the US is tough, and tough minds know that "casualites are 

And how will healthy young men and women be taught guts, honor, 
victory, and so on by periodically turning a bunch of them and 
their foes into salsa and crispy critters for evening news 

But Dave can still show his humorous sig in a VA abattoir of 
mangled ex-warriors if he really wants to enjoy the sad 
communion of misled youngsters.


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