Ideological Attacks

Lewis McCarthy lmccarth at
Thu Oct 6 11:56:18 PDT 1994

Jamie Lawrence writes: 
> Ray Cromwell wrote:
> >   I thought it was 49 cents an hour, however, no one ever accused
> >a socialist knowing the facts. [...]
> The point being that there is no place for ideological attacks like
> this in a 'rational' forum trying to discuss 'real life'. 
> Questioning ideas gains much more respect than making snide comments.
> Just another socialist,
> -j

I'm nobody's socialist (and nobody's libertarian, either), but I
strongly agree with Jamie here.  Reiterating the MEME point, don't
attack people, attack specific ideas.

-L. McCarthy		 "I'm just a sucker with no self-esteem" -Offspring
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