Government vs. Markets

Jamie Lawrence jamiel at
Thu Oct 6 11:12:01 PDT 1994

At 6:23 PM 10/5/94, Ray Cromwell wrote:
>[...]        Typical of socialists, they are unfamilar with economics
>and resort to semantic games. A monopoly is defined by (1) one seller,
>   I thought it was 49 cents an hour, however, no one ever accused
>a socialist knowing the facts. [...]

Typical statements of folks who get thier politics from Heinlein novels
and thier understanding of personal interaction from economics 101.

The point being that there is no place for ideological attacks like
this in a 'rational' forum trying to discuss 'real life'. Wait, this
discussion *is* to be considered valid intellectual discourse, right?

Questioning ideas gains much more respect than making snide comments.

Just another socialist,


"It's a  question of semantics,  and I've  always been rather anti-
semantic."                                            -Gene Simmons
Jamie Lawrence                                  <jamiel at>

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