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>:Screw that.  Grow your own  (I do -- and if I can, in Midtown Manhattan,
>:then damned near anybody can).
>The question, Todd is are they edible? The last time I was in Manhattan,
>the air pollution just about did me in. (mid-July, 95 degrees in the shade)
>But then again these tomatoes are native New Yorkers, so maybe attitude is a
>factor in their edibility. ;)

Oh, absolutely.  They taste far better than anything available in stores.
Ditto the chives, oregano, thai hot peppers, anahaheim (new mexican)
peppers, poblano peppers, carrots, thyme, onions, and sunflower seeds.

But if you want attitude, you'll have to try the habanero peppers I've
been growing alongside the tomatoes, too.

(There is a point to this:)

If anybody who'll be going to the C'punks NYC meeting wants some fresh
Habanero peppers (aka "Scotch Bonnets"), let me know:  we've harvested
over 80 of them so far, with no end in sight.  I'd be glad to give 'em
away to people who can toler, uh, properly appreciate them.  My roommates
and I have a competition to see how many each of us can eat whole, raw,
before they run out (for those unfamiliar with the kind, they're the
hottest kind of pepper in the world, many claim: up to 350,000
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