Key Forfeiture, not Key Escrow

Black Unicorn unicorn at
Thu Oct 6 10:35:35 PDT 1994

Philip Zimmermann scripsit
> The Government seems to choose its terminology carefully in cases where
> that terminology can affect the politics of a situation.  I suggest
> that we start referring to key escrow as "key forfeiture".

This got me thinking about a potentially interesting aspect of this whole 

Isn't this a taking?  Government is reducing the value of the key, and 
the associated software by forfeiting it.  It would seem to me that the 
value of a key "stored" by government makes:

1>  Insurance liability for cash transactions involving stored keys larger.
2>  A lessened value of services of the software.
3>  A reduced value to the user of what is essentially his property.

Thin on many grounds... but interesting none the less.

The public welfare exception will be the likely defense, but the burden 
is on the defendant to show public welfare.

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