Mike McNally m5 at
Thu Oct 6 10:27:12 PDT 1994

Duncan Frissell writes:
 > Don't be upset with DD.  She hasn't killed anybody.  If we're right about
 > our analysis of the new balance of power between the individual and the
 > state, her views don't matter.  If we're wrong, her views *still* don't matter.

Very well put.

To have someone on the "other side" who (as I hope we all acknowledge)
is quite well-informed about the technology behind the areas of public
policy we're interested in is a rather unique situation.  I consider
it valuable; in a way, it keeps us honest.

Mr. Sternlight, on the other hand, is another story...  (though I was
surprised and delighted by DS's appearance on the other high-volume
mailing list I'm on, the "Chile Heads" digest.  It seems
Mr. Sternlight has a taste for  spicy foods!)

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