Key Forfeiture, not Key Escrow

David M. Harvey I warrior at
Thu Oct 6 09:04:07 PDT 1994

On Thu, 6 Oct 1994, Philip Zimmermann wrote:

> The Government seems to choose its terminology carefully in cases where
> that terminology can affect the politics of a situation.  I suggest
> that we start referring to key escrow as "key forfeiture".
> Philip Zimmermann

Alright Phil, way to go!  But think on this, I wouldn't give the LEA a key
to my house, or my car, why should I give them a key to my thoughts?  Give
me Liberty or give me Death, or something to that effect by Patrick Henry. 
They can pry my key and my guns from my cold dead body.  Another thing,
even the animals have a right by force to protect themselves, who does big
brother think they are by denying me the right to protect my life, limb,
property and thoughts from unauthorized intruders?  Surely, we must fight
them tooth and nail. 

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