He's dead Jim (Chomsky)

Anonymous nobody at cass156.ucsd.edu
Thu Oct 6 08:59:18 PDT 1994

First and foremost I would like to publicly apologize to Mr. James A.
Donald... re-reading my intial post to this thread, I feel that I was out
of line in some places.  As is the current topic of the MEME thread, I
would like to stress that one should attack the message and *not* the
messenger.  Mr. Donald (*not* McDonald) is neither a fascist, nor Hitler,
nor anything else than however he chooses to define himself.  His views,
however, *are* open to interpretation.  As it stands, I respect Mr.
Donald's views (and for the most part, I agree with him...on other things
;) ).

The second and last point I would like to make is that quotes to *back up*
an argument are more than helpful, and would save much bandwidth.  If Mr.
Donald would like to continue his part in this thread, either publicly or
privately, I am more than willing to discuss Chomsky (or anything for that
matter), as long as I have something tangible to discuss.  The same applies
to anyone else who wishes to discuss Chomsky....

Like many of us, I get over 500 pieces of email a day--and I try to read
every bit of it; I think one piece of footnoted or otherwise appended email
is worth 20 pieces of the Hitler-calling type.

Mi taku oyasin...

 _/_/_/  _/_/_/   _/  _/  _/_/_/      _/      _/  It's dangerous to be right
_/       _/  _/   _/  _/  _/         _/_/     _/  when the government is
_/_/_/   _/  _/   _/  _/  _/_/_/    _/  _/    _/  wrong.
     _/  _/  _/   _/  _/  _/       _/_/_/_/   _/
_/_/_/   _/_/_/   _/_/_/  _/_/_/  _/      _/  _/_/_/              --Voltaire

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