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Thu Oct 6 04:07:23 PDT 1994


- ---- Ignore any slobber between above and the PGP line.

I just obtained a copy of Doug Floyd's data haven code.  I am
working on a workable implementation.  The address of the data
haven will be put on the list as soon as I make SURE the
stuff is reliable.  Until commands are finalized, they will
not be revealed.

When the site is up, please don't store much as I do not
have that much disk space, and ENCRYPT your files.  I fear
that someone will send me some stuff that is very illegal,
and leave it in the clear.  So, I will try to see what is
sent, and possibly post it if its not encrypted with something.
Heck, use crypt or something better than rot13.

I hate to appear as a snooper about people's files, but when
this is up, I will demand encryption to protect my DH, and
your stuff.

PGP is easily available, use it, or DES, or crypt if you live
on the dangerzone.

Sorry for my prattling, but I am new to this.

PS:  Doug, use cb.  Your code smells like a ten year old dead
turkey with its looks.  At least its relatively bug-free, and
does the job well.  Another thing, should you use SHA instead
of MD5 for hashing?  SHA has more bits, and there is a less
chance for two files to collide.

Version: 2.6


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