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Jonathon Fletcher jf02 at
Thu Oct 6 02:52:53 PDT 1994

Today's OnLine in the Guardian (techy bit every thursday) has an article on
anonymous remailers. It's not bad, nice introduction to the concepts,
listing of some remailers (penet, the hacktic crowd, soda), a little
practical instruction for the use of vox.hacktic (what headers to put in
and how to delimit them). It introduces chaining, so mailings can be
"super-secure".  Quite a pro-remailer article - it's nice to read
something like this in a public forum. There's a section on Julf and the
amount of traffic that get's passed through penet, as well his address
in case the reader wants to help sponsor (or donate something) a faster
machine and a better connection to make it run faster. As a small
quote, the last three sentences read:

  "Anonyous remailers can be fun, but try not to react like a child with
a new toy. Use these services responsibly. Remember, some people need
them badly" - OnLine, the Guardian, October 6th, 1994

The author is "Steve Harris <steveha at>"


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