Frederic Halper fhalper at
Wed Oct 5 12:59:44 PDT 1994

I saw this in Edupage, thought I'd pass it along.

The National Research Council is conducting a comprehensive study of
national cryptography policy, including such topics as: the availability of
cryptography technology to foreign and domestic parties; the
competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers and users of such technology; U.S.
national security and law enforcement interests; relative merits of various
cryptographic technologies; demand for information systems security based
on cryptography; the impact of foreign restrictions; the extent to which
current  policy is adequate for protecting U.S. interests; relative merits
of current key escrow implementation schemes; feasible policy options; and
recommendations for the process through which all interests are balanced in
the formulation of national cryptography policy. Send comments and other
correspondence to crypto at (NRC Release)

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