My Airspace

Lewis McCarthy lmccarth at
Wed Oct 5 09:46:38 PDT 1994

John Kreznar writes:
$ L. McCarthy <lmccarth at> writes:
$ > My choice of self-defense in this case is legislation preventing
$ > anyone from smoking in my airspace.
$ What, exactly, is ``your'' airspace?

The air I breathe. You don't have a right to make me breathe your smoke.
As long as you keep your smoke to yourself, I'm happy.

$ If you want legislative control over what's yours, 

First of all, I shouldn't have to ask someone to stop trying to kill me.
Beyond that, if I ask someone to desist, she may refuse. Then I can either
a) personally force her to stop, or b) have a third party force her to
stop. In some cases, I'll be unable to stop her on my own, and in any case
it's safer for me to have a third party take care of it. So yeah, when the
assholes out there try to fuck with what I consider mine, I need some folks
in blue suits to step in and shove them out of the way.

-L. McCarthy
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