Hitler's not dead is he?

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Wed Oct 5 09:12:17 PDT 1994

Responding to msg by nobody at jpunix.com (Anonymous) on Wed, 5 
Oct  1:51 AM

>P.S. Lewis McCarthy wrote: "Quick, somebody mention 
>Hitler".  Okay. Mr. McDonald is as fascist as Hitler.  

Er, Hitler was a National Socialist.  In those days, as now, 
everyone used the term indiscriminately, just like "fascist", 
"free market", "capitalist", "commie", and so on.

Everybody gotta try to be more entertainingly original and it 
ain't easy, at least for me.

Play the cryptography game, where no one knows for sure what's 
real or phony, where anyone can talk the talk like Jim Bidzos, 
and so on.

We're all in the same doodoo together, name-calling by 
anonymous crypto or not, and so on it goes.

John (looking for people wanting to sell ad space on their 
sigs; I been educated to buy into others stuff rather than 
think up something original, that's why I post so much from the 

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