Sorry, I made a mistake...

Tsuyoshi Hayashi hayashi at
Wed Oct 5 06:06:42 PDT 1994

All cypherpunks,

Sorry.  I made a mistake.

At 05 Oct 94 21:30:19 +0900, I have sent a test mail (to
checking my mailing environment) to cypherpunks at

 |To: cypherpunks at
 |Cc: cpunk at
 |Subject: test44
 |Date: Wed, 05 Oct 94 21:30:19 +0900
 |From: Tsuyoshi Hayashi <hayashi at>

Sorry.  Please overlook my mistake for once, please.

# But this is my first (second?) mail to cypherpunks...

| Tsuyoshi Hayashi (hayashi at
| Tech. div., Sony Computer Systems Inc.

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