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Tue Oct 4 19:43:55 PDT 1994


Crim Tideson writes:

> > That being said let it be known that I consider the following as a
> > "Cypherpunk victory."
> >
> > 1.  Complete freedom of technology, particularly encryption technology,
>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > regulated only by market forces.  This implies the lack of import/export
> > restrictions, and a complete absence of projects designed to limit
>                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > technology, or to standardize it for nefarious ends like Clipper.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^

> I think you overgeneralize.  No limits on toxic waste incinerators,
> low-mileage automobiles, unsafe medical devices, genetically tampered
> food, or nuclear reactors?  "Market forces" in such cases positively
> encourage dangerous technology (e.g. incinerators are superficially
> cheap) or are marked by their inability to distinguish the good from the
> crap (e.g. medical devices).

Who decides what's good and what's crap?

Let me see if I understand.  Are you advocating that personal choice in
medical devices, food, etc., be supplanted by government dictate?

Do you understand that in many cases, a person is interested in strong
cryptography just so that she can make her own choices in such matters,
free of interference by a do-gooder who thinks he knows better than she?
That she sees crypto as a way to defend against him (e.g. by buying
``unsafe medical devices'' through BlackNet)?

``Market forces'' are just the sum of personal choices.

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