John Young jya at
Tue Oct 4 17:45:30 PDT 1994

Responding to msg by yusuf921 at (Herbie) on 
Tue, 4 Oct  4:7  PM

>   how do we know this isn't an NSA attempt to get us 
>to show our faces so they can get our photos?

I know that 315 W. 106th is a prison barge moored 500 feet 
off-shore in the Hudson River toward Jersey.  It also serves as 
a testing laboratory for rubber hoses and the removing of hair 
and blood therefrom.

However, take the address number, semi-reverse, hack by Omega, 
parse to the left, bend over, chant Dixie in Sanskrit, and the 
safe house address will appear on your SS card in twisted bar 
code.  Hold the code close to your right lobe, left hand 
clinched on the chest, whistle Aida diachronically and you will 
be rocketed to the next station into a soft-landing in a tub of 
jellied non-alcoholic beverage.  Sandy will lift you by the 
short hairs and take you to the party, provided you have 
persuasive ID anonymously

Meet these conditions or trust that Sandy's post is not a set 


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