NRO Article in current Covert Action Quarterly

Eric Blossom eb at
Tue Oct 4 16:26:02 PDT 1994

Frederic Halper writes:

> I just finished reading the Puzzle Palace and I thought it was quite
> interesting Does anyone know where I could find some more info on the
> NRO and DIA, or even info on what the NSA has been up to for the last
> ten or so years, besides the obvious.  Thanks to whoever recommended
> the book to me, I don't remember who it was.

The current issue of Covert Action Quarterly contains a fairly
interesting article about the NRO.  Included are estimates of funding
and organization, as well as the mechanisms used to determine these.

Most claims are substantiated with citations to various congressional
reports, etc.

It's worth the read.


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