Electronic Revolution and Guerilla Warfare?

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Tue Oct 4 14:38:05 PDT 1994

Kelly.Goen at Eng.Sun.COM (Kelly Goen [CONTRACTOR]) writes:

> I would suggest initially that one examine the
> e-book "Terminal Compromise" by Winn Schwartau and also
> Information Warfare by the same author. In addition one also may want

> Check out loompanics press... they have many such titles useful to your
>  research... also checkout Paladin Press and Loompanics press.

I second the motion for Loompanics and Paladin Press.  Two books
that might be directly related, both from Paladin Press and both
by Lawrence W. Myers are "SPYCOMM: Covert Communication Techniques
of the Underground" and "Improvised Radio Jamming Techniques: Electronic
Guerrilla Warfare." Both are full of practical, "nuts and bolts"
discussions of the issues you're pursuing.

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