Puzzle Palace

Don Melvin storm at marlin.ssnet.com
Mon Oct 3 22:12:44 PDT 1994

> I just finished reading the Puzzle Palace and I thought it was quite interesting
> Does anyone know where I could find some more info on the NRO and DIA, or even
> info on what the NSA has been up to for the last ten or so years, besides the
> obvious.  Thanks to whoever recommended the book to me, I don't remember who it
> was. 

On the opposite side, there is a new book just being released that's
written by a KGB (ex-KGB) general who was based here and involved in US
operations.  For example, he ran Walker.  Sorry, don't know title or author
but there's probably not that many new books by KGB spies.

	Later, Storm

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