List of reliable remailers

cjl cjl at
Mon Oct 3 16:44:18 PDT 1994

On Mon, 3 Oct 1994, Istvan von Keszi wrote:

> Thanks Raph.  This is very helpful for those of us who are code 
> handicapped.  This is very helpful as a general guide.  
> Unfortunately, I've found that the information that it provides does not  
> help me with remailer reliability.  I've seen a remailer that supposedly 
> has a latency of 8 or 9 hours, actually delay 24.  
> This makes your script fairly ineffectual.
> You can't do diddly with bad data ...
> Istvan.

You are perhaps more than just code handicapped.  It seems you also fail to
perceive the implicit YMMV clause that comes with using a service 
*provided gratis* by someone else.  Ask Raph real nicely, and maybe he'll 
send you the code for the remail-pinging script so you can run it from 
your particular corner of the Net, it wouldn't be unprecedented, after 
all, Raph has freely distributed his hack of premail.

But then again it wouldn't be unprecedented for him to tell you go stuff 
yourself.  Genuine bug reports on an author's work are best discussed first 
in private E-mail, and brought to the attention of the list if it is more 
than a trivial gripe.  BTW, I don't recall seeing the FedEx remailer that 
promises delivery by 10:00 am the next business morning, or in fact any 
remailer that promises delivery at all.  Caveat poster.

It is an ill-mannered guest who complains that the wonderous toys 
provided for him to play with sometimes fail to satisfy his every whim. 

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