What privacy issues to discuss.....

David K. Merriman merriman at metronet.com
Sat Oct 1 13:57:19 PDT 1994

>Fellow C'punks-
>	What I want from you guys is pointers to papers I can use as
>references, but stuff that's easy to explain to Joe/Jane College student.

ftp.csua.berkely.edu /pub/cypherpunks/papers  :-)

>	I would also like input as to how you folks think I should do it.
>Should it be a discussion group, or should I just talk and then answer 
>questions? I think a discussion group might be better, but I'm not sure.

Split the difference: explain some of the details and such to them, and then
let them work it out.  Might help to use something like a phone bill to
point out how data is collected that could easily be used by any kind of
oppressive regime. It's my understanding (possibly in error :-) that
European nations do *not* provide the level of detail in their telephone
bills that we do here; the theory being that if who someone calls is
unknown, then it makes any effort to do a guilt-by-association and witchhunt
more difficult.

Dave Merriman
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