IIT*F* collection

David K. Merriman merriman at metronet.com
Sat Oct 1 10:50:12 PDT 1994

I've just uploaded a rather eclectic collection of text files to the Cpunks
site at csua.  They're in an MSDOS .zip file NII.ZIP.  Some of the files in
the IIT_F_ directories had duplicate filenames, but differing contents. The
file is about 1M, unzips to about 3.5M (I was there for a while, okay? :-)

Minutes of hearings, reports, project summaries like the the Friendly
Neighborhood NSA I posted, and more.

There's some scary stuff in there - like the report of the first IITF public
meeting in Albuquerque has only *one* instance of the word "privacy" :-(

Dave Merriman
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