New T-Shirt Offer

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Sat Oct 1 02:43:33 PDT 1994

Well, summers gone, fall is here, and I'm sufficiently caught up with all
my projects to go ahead with <insert drum roll here>

A New Cypherpunks t-shirt offer!

The shirt:

Printed in white, on a heavyweight black t-shirt.


     Putting the NSA out of business

Back: (with permission from TC May)

             Crypto Anarchy
       encryption, digital money,  
 anonymous networks, digital pseudonyms,
      zero knowledge, reputations, 
   information markets, black markets, 
        collapse of governments.

(I'll post gifs of the front and back as soon as I can convert the files to

Whats the deal?
Cost of the shirts are US $12 each (plus $2 for postage). This offer runs 
for 3 weeks (until October 21st). I'll be taking orders until then, and 
expect to start shipping approximately 1 to 2 weeks later. I expect to 
have all shirts in the mail no later than November 15th, just in time for 
Christmas :)

Where can I get one?

Send a Check or Money Order (no cash, please) to:

Kevin Prigge
3638 19th Ave So
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Please specify what size shirt you want (S, M, L, XL, or XXL).

Any questions can be sent to prig0011 at

Any flames can be directed to /dev/null

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