Collapse of the Wave Function Predicted, Timing Uncertain

Ryan A. Perkins ub075 at
Thu Mar 31 20:54:42 PST 1994

>- Encrypting while drunk is specifically forbidden. Apparently recent
>work in the Cryptologic Science Section of the Agency, and since
>confirmed by noted Russian quantum theorist Dmitri Jokovich, is that
>careless use of RSA and other NP-confusing algorithms could produce
>superluminal effect-before-cause cryptoquantum fluctuations. Based on
>the Choate Effect, these fluctuations could cause the collapse of the
>universal wave function!

The other problem with encrypting while drunk, is that the cleartext
is impossible to decrypt, because it doesn't make any sense in the first
place... even with the right key, it looks something like this:

Esopbew rje sruha ro,,peiw.


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