Update to finger keyserver at wasabi.io.com

PGP Slave Key Server pgpkeys at wasabi.io.com
Thu Mar 31 17:15:58 PST 1994

Following suggestions on the net, the wasabi.io.com keyserver has been
upgraded to allow arbitrary comments to be attached to public keys in
the archive.  This is primarily for the benefit of people who lost their
master keyring and had not prepared a revocation certificate in advance.

For an example of how this might be used, try
   finger 0x445051 at wasabi.io.com
   finger 0xbdfe4d at wasabi.io.com

As you see, the key is still returned.  It is up to you to read the
attached comments and to decide not to use the key.  This  solution to
the lost key problem was chosen in order to prevent a denial of service
attack on the keyservers.

Anyone who wishes their key to be revoked in this way, please post
publicly to alt.security.pgp

The Mgt.

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