crypto software/papers/docs CD -- is there any interest?

Thu Mar 31 07:41:31 PST 1994

Tim May writes:
>Mark Henderson writes:
>> Forgive the somewhat commercial nature of this message, but I think 
>> it is well within the lines of the cypherpunks mission of getting 
>> code out to people. 
>> I'm considering the possibility of producing a CD (for distribution 
>> in North America only) of crypto source code, information/papers and 
>> binaries for common platforms.
>You'll have to be real careful here, as charging money means
>copyrights have to be more scrupulously watched than when sites just
>"informally" contain copyrighted material. (I'm not arguing for these
>laws, just noting them.)
>(There are lots of issues here, which get debated over and over again
>in various forums. All I'm saying is that charging $50 for a
>compilation of articles, FAQs, scanned items, etc. is likely to
>trigger a lot of things. Just a heads up.)
>--Tim May

	Wouldn't doing something like this be like distributing shareware on a 
CD-Rom? Most of the Rom's I've seen have programs and the like, but a few have 
had source code, papers, hypercard stacks, etc. that were all copyrighted but 
still pushed out on the Rom.

	I think the only problem would be if you were charging more money than 
a "reasonable duplication fee". Most people will agree that this would be the 
cost of the media and maybe a little something for your time.

	Just another of my 0.02¢...

		Adam Gerstein

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