Crypto and new computing strategies

Jim choate ravage at
Wed Mar 30 12:39:29 PST 1994

> Jim choate writes:
>  > The problem w/ the whole N - NP approach 
> P - NP
>  >                                            is that is assumes that the QM
>  > model behaves as we would expect it to, it doesn't. I think this is one of
>  > those assumptions that are better left un-made. I have worked w/ enough QM
>  > projects throug UT and Discovery Hall (Dr. Turner and Dr. Prigogine) that
>  > I am not comfortable assuming the QM world even cares about the N or NP
>  > issues we are debating.
> It sounds as if you're claiming that mathematics as we know it does
> not apply when dealing with quantum effects.  I suggest that this is a
> strong statement, and I add that I see no reason to believe it.  At
> the same time, I'm neither a mathematician or a physicist.
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Mathematics as you and I use to solve most real-world problem don't always
work w/ quantum mechanics. It is one of the problems w/ this field.

I am not a physicist but am trying to go to school and get a degree in it.

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