Cerf calls for "international cryptography standard"

Eli Brandt ebrandt at jarthur.cs.hmc.edu
Tue Mar 29 22:23:36 PST 1994

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> Subject: E-d-u-p-a-g-e 03/29/94
> Testimony at a House Subcommittee on Science indicates that threats to
> Internet security should be viewed as on-going rather than isolated events.
> Internet Society President Vinton Cerf says that development and use of an
> international encryption standard is the only reliable solution to the
> problem. (Chronicle of Higher Education 3/30/94 A22) 

He's right, but I'd like to think he doesn't have Clipper/Capstone in mind.

Oh, I'll throw this in too:
> A $100 software program called Sportswriter is capable of churning out
> reasonably good sports copy by intelligently stringing together words
> between facts. Some 80 small newspapers in the Midwest have purchased the
> program and are using it to cover high school sports events. (Wall Street
> Journal 3/29/94 A1)

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