cfp '94 transcript

John C. Brice ag588 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Tue Mar 29 05:32:43 PST 1994

>> I'm not sure what the NSA policy is on this.  However, at
>> that same conference Jim Settle from the FBI told us
>> plainly that he is allowed to lie, and that the courts have
>> confirmed this right.  I doubt Baker would have confessed
>> to a back door even if one existed and the question was
>> complete. 

But wait!  How do we know he's telling us the truth when he says he's
allowed to lie?  I mean, if he's telling the truth, then he might be lying,
and if he's lying then either he's not allowed to lie or the courts have
not confirmed this "right."  On the other hand, if he's lying, then he
might be telling the truth --- Aw, shit.  You can't even trust the FBI
anymore!  ;)

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