cfp '94 transcript

Peter Wayner pcw at
Mon Mar 28 20:14:21 PST 1994

>> ObNit:  As has been said before by others, there's more to
>> Clipper/EES than just the Skipjack algorithm.  I think simply asking
>> if "the [Skipjack] algorithm contains a deliberately encoded
>> weakness" leaves too much room for a "truthful" No answer.
>I'm not sure what the NSA policy is on this.  However, at that
>same conference Jim Settle from the FBI told us plainly that
>he is allowed to lie, and that the courts have confirmed this
>right.  I doubt Baker would have confessed to a back door even
>if one existed and the question was complete.

And, then they get bummed out when the public doesn't _believe_

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