Shirt project

Peter Hendrickson ph at
Mon Mar 28 20:02:38 PST 1994

Jim Gillogly <jim at> writes:
>> jdblair at nextsrv.cas.muohio.EDU writes:
>> >                    1 9 8 4 
>> > 
>> >            "We're behind schedule."
>> >            National Security Agency
>> were interested in the design.  I thought that on the back I might make a 
>> list of government policies which are eroding civil rights.

> Sounds a bit busy -- what about the WiReD Clipper logo: the fist clutching
> the airwaves?  I assume they'd give permission if asked nicely...

On the back you could use the Sword Through The Earth Symbol used in
an original Star Trek episode by the Evil Federation Empire from an
alternate universe.  Disturbingly, in this universe the symbol is used
by Interpol.


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