Shirt project

jdblair at nextsrv.cas.muohio.EDU jdblair at nextsrv.cas.muohio.EDU
Mon Mar 28 17:12:19 PST 1994

> Crypto Political Action Sportware...
> Is anyone interested in a T-shirt with the swoosh Big Brother Inside
> front, and maybe a !Key Escrow (RSA button style; red circle and
> slash over the words Key Escrow)?  Would be a real conversation
> piece with non-crypto friends, I would think.   I recently heard 
> another great idea for a shirt:
>                    1 9 8 4 
>            "We're behind schedule."
>            National Security Agency

The "1984" T-shirt was suggested by one of the NSA reps at the CFP 
conference.  I started puting one togethor.  Several of my friends at CFP 
were interested in the design.  I thought that on the back I might make a 
list of government policies which are eroding civil rights.

I'll make a GIF available if anyone is interested.


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