cfp '94 transcript

Mon Mar 28 15:29:21 PST 1994

> UNKNOWN                       Does it or does it not contain a
> weakness that allows you to intercept the communications without
> access to the escrow keys.  
> BAKER                         No.       
> -----------
> ObNit:  As has been said before by others, there's more to  
> Clipper/EES than just the Skipjack algorithm.  I think simply asking  
> if "the [Skipjack] algorithm contains a deliberately encoded  
> weakness" leaves too much room for a "truthful" No answer.

I'm not sure what the NSA policy is on this.  However, at that
same conference Jim Settle from the FBI told us plainly that
he is allowed to lie, and that the courts have confirmed this
right.  I doubt Baker would have confessed to a back door even
if one existed and the question was complete.

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