Very funny, Polyanna :-( [namespace pollution]

Sameer sameer at
Mon Mar 28 13:42:38 PST 1994

> Grrr.  I use a mailer here (that I'm developing) that automatically
> encrypts outgoing mail for user X if "<X>" can be found in my
> pgp keyring.  Unfortunately some comedian has published the
> key below...
> Type bits/keyID   Date       User ID
> pub   384/99CBA7 1992/11/15  Polyanna, c/o <cypherpunks at>
> 1 key(s) examined.
> so if I use this mailer when posting to cypherpunks, it gets
> encrypted for this idiot.  I guess this is something we mailer
> writers will just have to allow for.  Looks like I'm about
> to add a stop-list...  (removing it from the keyring won't
> be good enough, because next feature planned for my mailer 
> is to look up the fingerable key-server if it isn't found locally...)

	Keep up the good work in writing that mailer.
	I think a stoplist is good for more than just jokers such as above.
	There are those who have published pgp keys but they don't
have an easy-mchanism for reading pgp messages, so most mail to them
shoulnot be encrypted.

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