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The following is my manifesto of net.beliefs.  I recognize their lack of 
precision, their foundation in principles of faith, and their lack of a 
clear vehicle for realization.  I do not profess them to be a statement 
of cypherpunk beliefs.  I do submit them for discussion, criticism, 
suggestion, rant, or flame.  If you disagree this is your chance to 
educate a misguided individual with hopelessly antiquated beliefs.  If 
you agree, this is your chance to point out badly constructed arguments, 
awkward sentences, repetition, and poor word choice.

I cannot work for something unless I know what it is IUm working for.

1)	My vision of the Net is utopian, or I would not spell it as I do, 
with a capitol N.  While the most likely possibility is that the Net 
will simply mirror current society, a Net of this structure would fail 
to realize its potential as an agent of social change.

2)	The Net has the potential to become the greatest de-centralizing 
force in the history of humanity.  The potential ability of the 
individual to cheaply reach, and organize, vast numbers of like-minded 
individuals is unprecedented.

3)	Current arguments for regulation of cryptography by government 
agencies depend on the argument they are maintaining their current 
abilities in the brave new world of cyberspace.  I argue that even if 
this were the case, we have a responsibility to do more than simply 
maintain the status quo.  This argument can be mapped to possible future 
objections by authorities.

4)	It is the responsibility of the information haves to spread their 
knowledge to the information have-nots.  A Net which allows the economic 
exploitation of information have-nots by those with the information is, 
while perhaps profitable, immoral.  Information wants to be free.  
Knowledge which is not of a personal nature should be freely accessible.

5)	Along with these positive potentials, it is possible for the Net 
to be constructed in such a way as to allow the formation of the most 
powerful authoritarian societies the world has ever seen.  The potential 
for the death of the Individual, just as for the empowerment of the 
Individual, is very real.  We must work to prevent totalitarianism.

6)	The Net is no better than its users.  Current crises of economic 
inequality, of homelessness and hunger, will not be affected by the Net 
unless we work to change them in pre-Net society.  People cannot 
participate in a democratic society if they are not educated to a minimal 
level required for functioning in that society.  This is the crux of our 
societal problems, as well as the crux of possible problems with the Net.

7)	It is better to help oneUs fellow human than to hurt.  It is 
better to give than to receive.  Equally, one human has an enormous 
capacity to injure and exploit another human.  We must decide which 
ability we wish to empower, and judge which we actually do.

8)	There are fundamental problems with the structure of society.  
Realizing the democratic vision of the Net is a way to re-structure 
society.  My hope is that this restructuring will create a better 
society than the one I know.  I recognize it can be worse-- much worse.  
With vigilance, it will not be.

9)	My beliefs are hopelessly utopian.  I have faith in democratic 
principles to shape society into a more just social hierarchy.  This 
faith must not be confused with certainty.  It is impossible to predict 
the shape of the society which will be created.  A few risks are of the 
tyranny of the majority, and the willful formation of totalitarian 
dictatorships (hyperlink Weimar Germany).  The will of the people is 
impossible to define, much less judge, gauge, measure or regulate.  We 
must be satisfied with approximations.

10)	All actions have moral implications.  Ignoring these implications
is irresponsible and, yes... immoral.

- -john.

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