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Timothy C. May tcmay at
Sun Mar 27 16:48:27 PST 1994

Jim Wilson writes:

> Mr. May et al:
> The couple of lines re pornographic language seems to have diverted
> the apprecation of the problem reported in the message.  This message
> is about whether or not Compu$erve should get away scott free for bullying
> one of their subscribers while they attempt to steal use of his trade-
> marked software which he had been offering on Compu$erve for some time.
> Please reread the msg.
(very long message about Compuserve deleted to save space)

Being the only Mr. May on this list, so far as I know, I'll comment.
This even though I have no idea what Jim Wilson is talking about.

I haven't commented on the Compuserve thread; my only "pornographic
language" that I recall had to do with some comments on Kurt Vonnegut
and Brad Huntting on censorship. Where this thread may've started is
immmaterial to my comments.

Frankly, I deleted the Compuserve-related message, as I have no
interest in the internal politics of Compuserve and its customers.
Corporations like Compuserve are free to pick and choose their
customers, just as customers are free to pick and choose those they
buy their services from.

The issue of whether "Windows Navigator"--if I remember the name
correctly--is the name owned by J. Random User or Compuslave or the
Republic of Ruritania is hardly something we are in a position to
evaluate from the one-sided posts presented here.

I have no desire to "reread the message," nor do I enjoy being accused
of "diverting" the meaning of your message, Jim. People read what they
want to read and write what they want to write.

--Tim May

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