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Mike Duvos mpd at
Fri Mar 25 13:52:04 PST 1994

Kevin Q. Brown writes: 

 > I'm intrigued about the use of a 900 number because I thought 
 > that they were prohibitively expensive for a small-scale
 > business to run. 

I believe they cost a small fortune if you get the service from the phone 
company, with high startup and monthly minimum.  There are, however, 
firms that act as resellers of the phone company service, and most of the 
smaller fly-by-night 900 operations do business with these.  They can
set you up as a 900 business inexpensively enough to allow even small 
enterprises to use 900 service.  A lot of the weirder information 
hotlines come through such companies, and all you have to give them is a 
tape of your message and a small fee for the service

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