Run flat tires..

Black Unicorn unicorn at
Fri Mar 25 09:20:21 PST 1994

  I think the government should help them out.  I think that we
need the Car Stopper bill.   All new cars should be built with an
electronic device that allows the police to shut off the engine
remotely.  This will help keep the status quo.  And all those
people they now use the spike belts against, will still be able
to be caught.

LoJack was marketing such a device, I believe it's still available.

The upshoot was:

1> Report your car stolen.
2> Police locate signal from LoJack
3> Signal sent to car telling it to kill ignition which it does.

No chase, no mess.

What stops police from killing the ignition of your car when they are
interested in you, is an exercise for the reader.

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