Run flat tires..

Rob P. Martin rpmartin at
Thu Mar 24 23:12:49 PST 1994

    I was thinking about the way the FBI says it needs the
telephony bill because with all the new technology they are
loosing the ability to wiretap those people that are using these
new comunication methods.

    Then I thought, hey wait a minute.  What about all those poor
police officers that are out chasing bad guys on the street.
Right now, they have the ability, in a high speed chase, to stop
the fleeing vehicle by placing a spike belt on the road.  But now
a new technology is arriving.  Run flat tires!  (You know those
new fangled high tech tires, with a solid piece of rubber that
allow you to run with no air pressure) Oh NO! What are these poor
police officers to do? 

  I think the government should help them out.  I think that we
need the Car Stopper bill.   All new cars should be built with an
electronic device that allows the police to shut off the engine
remotely.  This will help keep the status quo.  And all those
people they now use the spike belts against, will still be able
to be caught.  

   Let's just hope that the fequency that they choose doesn't get
into the hands of car jackers, and other criminals..

Food for thought, they just might think of it next. *Shiver*


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