A possibility...

Graham Toal gtoal at an-teallach.com
Thu Mar 24 04:23:41 PST 1994

:What I am thinking is to have one person encrypt using a RNG (noise). He
:encrypts his message using the noise on one channel and then copies the noise
:utilized on another channel. He then mixes the two channels to 

What you mean is generating a random one-time-pad, encrypting with that pad,
and sending the pad to the recipient via secure means.  I think it has been
done before :-)  If your idea of sending the 'random noise' is something
electronic rather than a black bag, then all you've done is re-invent
security through obscurity and your program is little more than hiding
plaintext with a stego program.

:On the other side the person must be expecting the noise and must know how to
:seperate the signal. It seems that this leaves things open by having the
:encryption key along with the message, but the message itself is just noise.
:(i.e. the interloper must know of the signal, and know how to split it into
:it's two components.)

Oops.  Sure sounds like you meant the security through obscurity option...


You design anything important for Microsoft then???


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