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On Wed, 23 Mar 1994, rocker wrote:

> On Mar 22,  7:31pm, Bruce Fancher wrote:
> } . . .  Last time I checked, 
> } the clipper's biggest supporters were Clinton and Gore, who aren't exactly
> } Rush's favorite people.
> This is what would concern me.  Limbaugh seems to be big on knee-jerk
> reactions.  Has he got some intelligent insights on the Clipper issue,
> or is it simply another case of "Bill's fer it so I'm agin it!"  A
> well-constructed argument might convince people on both sides, crying
> "Hey, it's a LIBERAL idea, it MUST be bad!" is likely to lose more
> support than it gains. . .

The reason I posted the Rush/Clipper post was because I do listen to 
him.  Three things need to be noted about subsequent posts:

1)  It is clear that the knee jerks reactions are coming from folks who 
have never listened to Limbaugh for long enough to know what the hell 
they are talking about.  I think they are reacting to the untrue flames 
uttered by his detractors.

2)  He doesn't just disagree with Bill and Hillary.  He strongly 
supported the Prez on NAFTA, for example.  He is very clever and does 
some excellent original thinking on important issues--like Clipper.

3)  All of this back biting is truly irrelevant to this list.  Who cares 
if Rush practices "hate radio" or not?  The germain facts are these:
	a)  Rush is against Clipper
	b)  A huge number of people listen to him
	c)  His listeners tend to give his opinions great weight

Do we really need to "qualify" Mr. Limbaugh as enemy of our enemy?

 S a n d y

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