I'm Glad Clinton Won in '92

Timothy C. May tcmay at netcom.com
Wed Mar 23 00:20:55 PST 1994

Bill Stewart writes:

> Limbaugh does occasionally think rather than just knee-jerking,
> though he does claim to broadcast with half his brain tied behind his back :-)
> He's not so much anti-statist overall as he is anti-Liberal;
> on positions where the rightwing is statist and the left is non-statist,
> he seems to run about 50-50.  He's distinctly pro-military,
> and generally pro-police, so having him come out against Clipper is
> not a given (and would be less likely to have happened if Bush
> had still been President when it was announced...)
> But it's good that he's against it; having a bunch of dittoheads
> sending mail to the whitehouse telling them to drop this nonsense
> can't hurt.

Indeed, I'm getting a little bit hopeful about things. To wit:

- the Republicans who embraced statism and Big Government when their
party held the top dog position are gradually returning to their
anti-government rhetoric.

(Caveats: Some of it is political opportunism. And not all of them
feel this way. And if the Repubs win in '96, as seems increasingly
likely, all bets could be off.)

I'm hopeful that the Dems can also regain their traditional concern
for civil liberties, for concerns that a fascist state will use its
surveillance powers to oppress the citizenry, and that things like
Digital Big Brother need to be opposed.

I'm glad Clinton won in '92....it shows the nation that Democrats can
run police state policies worthy of George Bush, it shook Republicans
out of the their comfortable governing stance, and it proves
ultimately that neither side is any less contemptuous of individual
liberties than the other.

-- Tim May

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