rocker - accept no substitutes rocker at
Tue Mar 22 21:47:00 PST 1994

On Mar 22,  7:31pm, Bruce Fancher wrote:
} You obviously don't understand much of the "loud-mouthed ass's psychology."  
} Limbaugh is very anti-statist and if he had a position on the issue 
} there's a good change it would be anti-clipper.  Last time I checked, 
} the clipper's biggest supporters were Clinton and Gore, who aren't exactly
} Rush's favorite people.

This is what would concern me.  Limbaugh seems to be big on knee-jerk
reactions.  Has he got some intelligent insights on the Clipper issue,
or is it simply another case of "Bill's fer it so I'm agin it!"  A
well-constructed argument might convince people on both sides, crying
"Hey, it's a LIBERAL idea, it MUST be bad!" is likely to lose more
support than it gains.


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